2600-year Anniversary of Bhikkhuni Sangha

Supporting a Permanent Bhikkhuni Monastery 
for our Dhammadharini Sangha

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Dhammadharini Support Foundation's Vision and Mission 
to Offer a Permanent Monastery for our Bhikkhunis of the Dhammadharini Sangha 

Our women's monastic community

and not-for-profit religious support foundation are named Dhammadharini. 

Our symbol

is a bodhi leaf (Bodhi meaning Awakening and the leaf symbolizing our embodiment) 
supported and uplifted by three flowing currents in the stream of the Dhamma: 
our training in sīla or virtue, 
samādhi or meditation, and 
pañña or wisdom.

In Pali, the language of the Suttas, Dhammadharini means "to uphold the Dhamma in the feminine form".

"According to the Buddha’s teaching, our best chance for enlightenment is not in a heavenly realm, 
 but here in midst of elements and aggregates, within these bodies which age and sicken, among the earth, rain, wind, fire and consciousness elements. 
 We wake up here, not in another ideal place. This is the ideal place." 
 - Ayya Tathaaloka

Our monastic residences

Dhammadharini Monastery at the foot of Sonoma Mountain in Penngrove, California
and our women's monastic hermitage, Aranya Bodhi on the Sonoma Coast, are led by fully-ordained female monastics, bhikkhunis. (The male form is the bhikkhu.)

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