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According to the Buddha’s teachings, the sharing of the Dhamma
is freely offered. The monastic community cares for the spiritual
needs of the lay community. 
Since monastics cannot handle money and can only eat or drink
that which is offered to them, they are totally dependent on the lay community for their physical support. From the time of the Buddha, support forthe monastic life has been provided entirely by lay supporters through daily acts of generosity.
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For the non-monastic community in the West, it is important to understand how the monastic community lives day to day. In a Buddhist country such as Thailand, the monastics are seen each morning, walking through the villages, receiving offerings of food for their daily meals. The lay community in Buddhist cultures fully realizes  the dependence of the monastics on them for physical needs such as food, clothing, and toiletries–things we take for granted. Because of their vows of renunciation, the bhikkhunis cannot buy these basic necessities for themselves. Through the help of generous lay people, they are able to continue their lives as monastics and spiritual seekers. This commitment to support the bhikkhunis creates a rewarding relationship, and the spiritual friendship that develops is a beautiful and precious gift.

Today this generous support in offering food, medical needs and providing and maintaining the monastery continues to enable the monastic community to survive and prosper. Dhammadharini Support Foundation is the non-profit formed to provide the means for supporting the DD monastics’ requisites of food, shelter, clothing, and medical care, and donations are tax-deductible. Scroll down to General Requisites to see a list of currently-needed provisions if you would like to donate in kind.

*Dhammadharini is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the State of California with Federal church status. Your financial and in-kind donations may be tax deductible.


Current Projects

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Dhammadharini Monastery Mortgage

Pay down monastery mortgage, current balance: $333,000

Building Teacher's Kuti 

Build teacher's kuti at monastery or remodel/add on to monastery buildings, estimate: $50,000

Bhikkhuni Vibhanga Project

Bhikkhuni Vibhanga Project — Supporting an international team led by Ayya Tathaloka to create a new translation of the Bhikkhuni Vibhanga (the analysis of the bhikkhunis' monastic precepts).

Alliance for Bhikkhunis

Spearheading support for Bhikkhunis internationally during the time of COVID, Alliance for Bhikkhunis is an independent organization, not part of Dhammadharini.


Offering a Meal at the Monastery

Offering food to the monastic community provides an opportunity to visit and participate in the lifestyle of the monastery.
The monastic community must finish eating their main meal by noon. Plan to arrive by 10 AM. You are welcome to cook your food in the monastery kitchen or bring food you prepared ahead of time. When offering the meal at the monastery, the kitchen manager can help explain the protocol for offering food to the bhikkhunis.  If you are interested in offering a meal please check the online meal offering schedule or call the monastery.

General Requisites

Thank you very much to our local friends and distance supporters who are helping our monastery to survive through your offerings of food and essential supplies during this period of Coronavirus "Social Distancing" which is preventing our bhikkhuni teachings from offering regular outside teachings and going on almsround, as well as not allowing our regular monastery visitors and participants.

Please call the monastery prior to donating food items to inquire about which specific things are currently needed.
Kitchen needs change frequently and this is particularly the case with fresh food.

Please see the Useful Things List. Thank you!

If you are interested in making a donation during the auspicious Kathina season, please see our Kathina Wish List


Check or Money Order

Donations by check or money order (U.S. funds only please) can be made payable to: Dhammadharini Support Foundation.


Ways to Donate

Donations can be made to the monastery by credit card, debit card, or check.

Secure online donations can be made via Dhammadharini Support Foundation through Network for Good. The Network for Good donations can only be made by USA residents.


Here s/he rejoices, there s/he rejoices –

the doer of beneficent deeds rejoices in both places,

finding joy, inspiration and great gladness

in seeing the fulfillment of their pure intentions and deeds.

— the Buddha, Dhammapada 16

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