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Original Dhammadharini Monastery
Dhammadharini Monastery
Women upholding the Dhamma

Here aspirants can explore monastic life, learn, train & ordain. Here lay friends of the Sangha  can visit or stay for periods of immersion, sanctuary & service. Our monastery is located in Penngrove, Sonoma County, CA, a small community near Sonoma State University. It is easily accessible by car and public transportation.

Thanks to the Dhammadharini Support Foundation our Bhikkhuni Sangha can put down deep roots in this land. The monastery will function as a space of refuge, sanctuary & practice for those inspired to fully live the monastic path. As sufficient funds are raised, our goal is to transform the property into a true monastery including lodgings, meditation garden area and spaces for gathering.

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Daily Schedule 

Wake up until 5:00 am
Silent meditation on your own
Meditation Hall and personal rooms
5:00 am
Morning Puja Meditation and Devotional and Sutta Chanting
Meditation Hall
6:15 am
Silent Mindful Work Period for sweeping, tidying and preparing breakfast
Throughout the monastery Silent Period until after breakfast
7:00 am
Breakfast; Post-meal cleanup
Community Hall
8:00 am
Morning Meeting for brief Dhamma reflection, work assignments, logistics.
Community Hall
9:00 am
Morning work period
Throughout the monastery
11:00 am
Main Meal Offering; post-meal cleanup
Meditation Hall
1:00 - 7:00 pm
Flexible Time for personal care, Dhamma study and practice, and meetings. OK to continue practical work if one is able to balance practical work and Dhamma activities.
Throughout the monastery
6:00 - 7:00 pm
Evening Tea & quiet informal conversation; wind up community meetings or projects to prepare for evening program.
Community Hall
7:00 - 8:00 pm
Evening Puja Devotional and Sutta chanting and communal meditation
Meditation Hall
8:00 until sleep
Silent Time for personal practice
Meditation Hall and personal rooms

Monday and Tuesday are quieter days with fewer scheduled activities and more time for silent practice. Tuesday evening, one of the Bhikkhuni teachers offers a Dhamma talk for the evening program. Even during the busy periods, we aim for a calm and quiet atmosphere.

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