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Sat, Jul 20


Dhammadharini Monastery & live on Zoom

Dhamma Day 2024 | Invitation to Enter Vassa

Join the Dhammadharini Bhikkhuni Sangha and friends to commemorate the Buddha's first teaching and the invitation for the Bhikkhuni Sangha to enter Vassa, for an evening program in-person at Dhammadharini Monastery

Dhamma Day 2024 | Invitation to Enter Vassa
Dhamma Day 2024 | Invitation to Enter Vassa

Time & Location

Jul 20, 2024, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM PDT

Dhammadharini Monastery & live on Zoom

About the Event

Join the Dhammadharini Bhikkhuni Sangha and friends in commemoration of Dhamma Day, and the invitation for the Bhikkhuni Sangha to enter Vassa, on the evening of Saturday July 20th at Dhammadharini Monastery.

Dhamma Day (Sinhala: Esala Poya; Thai and Khmer: Āsāḷha Pūjā; Pali: Āsāḷha Puṇṇamī) is also known as Wheel Turning Day, or Dhammacakka Day. This full moon day commemorates several great events in the Buddha’s life, including: First, the conception of the Bodhisattva, the Buddha-to-be (Patisandhi). Then, his Great Going Forth (Abhinekkhammana) as a seeker. And additionally, as a fully awakened one, his first successful teaching "Setting into Motion the Wheel of the Dhamma" (Dhammacakkappavattana).

This special community event on Saturday July 20th is leading up to the full moon on July 21st, which marks the start of Vassa (the following day) for our Dhammadharini Bhikkhuni Sangha, and much of the Theravada Buddhist community worldwide. At this event, our Dhammadharini Support Foundation leadership will be leading up our whole community in offering the “Invitation to Enter the Vassa” (Vassa Arādhana) to our Bhikkhuni Sangha. This is the formal invitation for our monastics to dwell, practice and teach at our Dhammadharini Monastery in Penngrove in the San Francisco North Bay, and at our Aranya Bodhi Forest Hermitage on the Sonoma Coast for the 2024 CE / 2568 BE Vassa.

All supportive friends of our local and greater community are welcome to join in offering the Invitation together. You are also welcome to join our monastic community in undertaking a personal practice commitment (adhiṭṭhāna - which may be translated as "determination" or "resolution") for the three months of the Vassa together, whether in-person or online, from near or far away. This year, the sangha has chosen "PRACTICING FOR PEACE: In a World on Fire" as its theme for teaching and meditation.  You may choose a personal practice commitment (adhiṭṭhāna) in line with this theme. 

If you fill in your adhiṭṭhāna bodhi leaf and send it to us, whether signed or anonymous, it will be shared for others to see and appreciate on Dhamma Day, July 20 - you may share these with us by emailing to

Dhammadharini will offer additional teachings on these themes on Sunday the 21st in our regular online programs: 

  • Further introducing the practice theme and personal practice commitments for Vassa, during the Sunday morning program (register here to join), and 
  • Teachings on the  Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta during the Sunday afternoon Sutta study (register here to join)

Two days later, on July 22, the day after the Full Moon, our Dhammadharini Bhikkhunis will formally enter the Vassa (Vassa’upanāyanā) and make their own Vassa Adhiṭṭhāna at both our monastery and hermitage Dhammadharini locations.

We invite all of you to join us in this noble effort and share the joy and the merits of practicing, learning, serving, and supporting the Bhikkhuni Sangha, throughout this year’s Vassa.  Ways you can pledge and offer support during the Vassa are below.

Warm welcome to join us for this wonderful day of community, Dhamma sharing, generosity, and celebration!

The gathering is planned for Saturday, July 20th, 5pm - 7pm, and will include:

  • Dhamma reflection on Practicing for Peace
  • Chanting of the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta (Turning the Wheel of Dhamma) (chanting text here)
  • Time for community reflection on our practice determinations for the upcoming Vassa

This event will be held outdoors in our open-air Sālā garden pavilion. Please share your respect, lovingkindness, and support for those who continue to take COVID precautions.

Register below to join us!

Everyone is welcome whether or not you register, but it is helpful for us to know to expect you, and then we can send you final event details before the event.

The leaders of Dhammadharini Support Foundation invite you to join together in supporting our Bhikkhuni Sangha Vassa this year. The traditional four requisites are food, lodgings, robes and medicine. You can support from near and far.

You may offer a financial donation, useful requisites, or join in volunteer service such as driving, gardening, or many other things.

You may also offer groceries and a hot meal to the community, or invite the sangha to come to your home or neighborhood for pindapat alms round. You may contact the monastery to learn more about any of these opportunities.

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