Dhammadharini Monastery

Women's Buddhist monastery in Sonoma County

Women Upholding the Dhamma

Dhammadharini is a spiritual destination for women to
train as monastics in the Theravada tradition and
lay visitors to practice and volunteer.

Meet our monastics

  • Winter Retreat Uposatha Program
    Join in Dhammadharini’s winter retreat by joining for practice on the Uposatha lunar observance days.

"According to the Buddha’s teaching, our best chance for enlightenment is not in a heavenly realm, but here in midst of elements and aggregates, within these bodies which age and sicken, among the earth, rain, wind, fire and consciousness elements. We wake up here, not in another ideal place. This is the ideal place." 

— Ayya Tathaloka, Founding Teacher

  • Sunday Afternoon Read & Discuss The Buddha's Teachings (Peer-led)
  • Sunday Morning Guided Meditation & Questions (Peer-led)
  • Tuesday Evening Meditation & Dhamma Talk (Peer-led)
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6791 Sturtevant Drive, Penngrove, CA 94951

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