Upcoming Teachings & Events

We are delighted to have these wonderful Dhamma & meditation offerings to share with you. Please mark your calendars and participate as much as you can.  New moon daylong retreats are offered at our new monastery monthly (on Saturdays close to the new moon).  There are evening Dhamma & meditation teachings at Dhammadharini Monastery as well as those offered in Fremont, Oakland, San Jose, San Rafael, and Ukiah by Dhammadharini Bhikkhunis.   (No outside events from January 7th to March 3rd 2019).

Scroll down for details.  The complete calendar of public events can be found here.

May 18 & 19 ❧ Daylong Retreat & Vesak Celebration

This May there will be two wonderful Dhamma events with Sayadaw U Jagara:  A daylong retreat on Saturday May 18, and the Vesak celebration on Sunday May 19.

Buddhist meditation teacher Venerable Sayadaw U Jagara was born in Canada and has been a Theravadin monk for 40 years, primarily in Sri Lanka and Myanmar (Burma). He has trained and teaches in the the Mindfulness and Vipassana traditions of the great masters U Ba Khin and Pa- Auk Sayadaw of Myanmar (Burma), where he lives, dedicating his time to meditation and teaching.

Vesak Full Moon Daylong Retreat

Saturday, May 18, 2019
Led by Sayadaw U Jagara
“Recollection of the Buddha”

“When a noble disciple recollects the Realized One their mind is not full of greed, hate, and delusion. At that time their mind is unswerving, based on the Realized One. A noble disciple whose mind is unswerving finds joy in the meaning and the teaching, and finds joy connected with the teaching. When they’re joyful, rapture springs up. When the mind is full of rapture, the body becomes tranquil. When the body is tranquil, they feel bliss. And when they’re blissful, the mind becomes immersed in samādhi. This is called a noble disciple who lives in balance among people who are unbalanced, and lives untroubled among people who are troubled. They’ve entered the stream of the teaching and develop the recollection of the Buddha.” ~ Mahānāma Sutta, Numerical Discourses 6.10 

Seating is limited to 30 people. This retreat is only for those who can be present for the entire day, 9 am - 5 pm

To reserve your place, RSVP.  text: (707) 583-9522 | email: dhammadharini.monastery@gmail.com

  |  Arrive and settle  
9:00-5:00  |  Guided meditation, Dhamma reflections, dana meal (bring a dish), sitting and walking meditation
5:00-5:30  |  Tea and departure for day visitors
5:30-7:00  |  Opportunity to help with decorating the monastery for Vesak the following day

Celebrate Vesak ❧ Buddha Day

Sunday May 19, 2019, at Dhammadharini Monastery
with special guest speaker Sayadaw U Jagara

Welcome to come for all or part of the day 9:00 to 3:30 with a talk by Sayadaw U Jagara at 2:00 

Volunteers Welcome
❧ Decorating the Monastery | 5:30 to 7:00 Saturday evening
❧ Helping with children's activities throughout the Vesak Day
❧ Help with cleanup 5:30 - 6:30 Sunday

❧ Bhikkhunis' Almsrounds in Sebastopol, Santa Rosa and Petaluma

Offer alms food to bhikkhunis, at the Sebastopol Central Park fortnightly on Fridays, and at the Petaluma Farmers Market on Tuesdays.  There is an opportunity for Dhamma discussion in the Plaza in Sebastopol after the meal, details here.  NO ALMS ROUND FROM Jan. 7th to March 4th for winter retreat.

Ongoing Weekly Programs at Dhammadharini Monastery

at Dhammadharini Monastery in the Sonoma Mountain area of Penngrove. Check our calendar here for all weekly programs or join Dhammadharini's MeetUp group.

Dhamma Sundays (attend all or part)  

 9:30-10:00 |
10:00-10:45 |
10:45-11:00 |
11:00-1:00 |
1:00-2:30 |
 Instruction for beginners to Buddhist meditation
Set-up for potluck meal (welcome to bring a dish to share)
Blessings, meal dana, pot luck and meal clean up
Sutta Study. 

Monday — Quiet day for monastics and residents, no formal programs

Tuesday Evenings Meditation & Dhamma Talks

7:00-8:30 pm — "Meditate with a Monk" Guided or silent meditation, & Dhamma reflection followed by Q&A (open group - drop in)

Wednesday through Sunday: Evening Chanting & Meditation

7:00-8:30 pm — Evening puja, sutta chanting and silent meditation

❧ Ongoing Evening Meditations & Dhamma Teachings Offered in the Greater Bay Area 

in Fremont, Oakland, San Rafael, and Ukiah: check calendar here to confirm dates

- Monthly on the last Tuesday with "Dhamma Tuesdays" at Wat Buddhanusorn in Fremont 
- Monthly on the third Wednesdays at Yoga Mendocino in Ukiah {info
- Every other month on Wednesday with Against the Stream in Oakland {info}
~ Periodically with Marin Sangha, San Jose Vipassana and others (check calendar here to see schedule)

Marin Sangha

Ayya Tathaloka and Ayya Sobhana are regularly offering Dhamma and meditation teachings at the Marin Sangha,  St Luke Presbyterian Church, 10 Bayview Dr., San Rafael. info

May all benefit greatly in their meditation and growth in mindfulness, insight & wisdom!

 Visit and Offer Helpful Support

Day visitors are welcome at the Monastery. info

Our bhikkhunis will take personal retreat time in turns, at Aranya Bodhi Hermitage.  We extend a special welcome for friends to arrange for "sit and serve" visits, a few days or longer combining work practice with quiet meditation in nature. info

Dhammadharini is now caring for four white-robed Anagarikas. Your mindful participation and friendship can be a help and encouragement for them.

Friends are welcome to visit the monastery and the hermitage individually or in groups, to offer meal dana, meditate, listen to the Dhamma, or help out with practical chores.  Please contact us to plan your visit.

Dhammadharini Monastery 
at the western foot of Sonoma Mountain
6791 Sturtevant Dr., Penngrove CA 94951
Tel: (707) 583-9522 or 9523

Dhammadharini's Awakening Forest Hermitage: Aranya Bodhi
on the Sonoma Coast
PO Box 16, Jenner, CA 95450
Tel: (707) 340-4281,