Upcoming Teachings & Events

We are delighted to have these wonderful Dhamma & meditation offerings to share with you. Please mark your calendars and participate as much as you can.  There are evening Dhamma & meditation teachings at Dhammadharini Monastery on Tuesdays, as well as offered with groups in Fremont, Oakland, San Jose, San Rafael, and Ukiah, by Dhammadharini Bhikkhunis. "Dhamma Sundays" at our monastery there is public meditation with instruction on Sunday mornings and Sunday afternoons we offer a Sutta study and discussion group focusing on the Early Buddhist Teachings of the Pāli-text Tipitaka.   

Scroll down for details.  The complete calendar of public events can be found here.

Saturday Oct 19th ❧ Bhikkhuni Sangha Kathina at Dhammadharini Monastery in Penngrove

(from the Kodagoda and Jayagoda Families):

We are approaching the end of Vassa on the coming October full moon day October 13th, and our Bhikkhuni Sangha Kathina Dana Offering Day on October 19th.

This year, friends of our Dhammadharini community, the Jayagoda family, Sanath & Achala together with their son Eagle, and the Kodagoda family, Sameera & Iana together with their daughters Sanuki & Yenaya, will be the lead supporters in offering the Kathina to our Dhammadharini bhikkhunis' community. Our families have pledged to offer the Kathina ("Robe of Merit") upon the bhikkhunis' successful completion of the Vassa in October. Doing so is a beautiful tradition from the time of the Buddha until now in the Theravada Buddhist cultures of South & Southeast Asia and around the world.

Our Jayagoda & Kodagoda families warmly invite you to join us at Dhammadharini Monastery for Kathina Puja - Offering the Robe of Merit on Saturday October 19th.

"This is the first time we're jointly offering the Kathina. We feel blessed to have  this opportunity to serve the Bhikkhuni Sangha of the Dhammadharini monastic community. We will do everything in our capacity to take care of the monastic community's needs during the Vassa period of 2019...
We kindly invite all of you to join our families to support this effort and share merits. 
May you all be Well, Happy & Peaceful! 
May you all have the blessing and the protection of the Triple Gem: Buddha, Dhamma & Sangha!!!"
- Sanath & Achala, Sameera & Iana

October 22-30 ❧  Bhante Sujato's Northern California Teaching Tour (organized by Dhammadharini)

Dear Venerables and Dhamma friends,

We're delighted to announce Ven Bhikkhu Sujato's SF Bay Area visit this October shortly after our Dhammadharini Kathina Oct 19th. Schedule below - save the dates.

Bhante Sujato is the founder of Sutta Central, has been an outstanding advocate for Theravada Bhikkhuni ordination, and was a very important part of the Oct 22, 2009 First Theravada Bhikkhuni Ordination in Perth Australia, in which Dhammadharini founding abbess Ayya Tathaloka served as preceptor. In part, in honor of the 10-year anniversary of that ordination, Bhante will be making a teaching visit to Northern California.

Bhante is the former abbot of Santi Forest Monastery in Australia's Southern Highlands (which he first made a dual Sangha monastery and then turned over to be a Bhikkhuni monastery) and is currently resident at The Monastery at the End of the World --Lokanta Vihara-- in Sydney, his base for his Sutta Central work and Dhamma teaching related to Climate Emergency. Bhante is the author of numerous books and is a wonderful Dhamma and meditation teacher

Bhante Sujato in Australia's Southern Highlands | courtesy of sujato.pl

Schedule for Bhante Sujato San Francisco Bay Area Bhikkhuni Ordination Anniversary Teaching Visit, 22-30 Oct 2019

-> Oct 22 (Tue): Arrival from SoCal, Special Tenth Anniversary of Perth Bhikkhuni Ordination (22 Oct 2009) Anniversary Dhamma Teaching and Gathering at Dhammadharini Monastery in Penngrove 7:00-9:30pm (open to all bhikkhuni supporters and friends of Dhammadharini)
-> Oct 23 (Wed): “Ancient words, present choices, future visions” gathering and teaching at Dharma College in Berkeley 6-8pm
-> Oct 25 (Fri): Bhante Joins Dhammadharini Bhikkhunis' Pindapata and Outdoor Dhamma Teaching in Sebastopol 9:30am - 1:30pm (open to all)
-> Oct 26 (Sat): “Translating the Dhamma: Meaning and Interpretation” Daylong at Sati Center for Buddhist Studies in Redwood City
-> Oct 27 (Sun): Keynote Speaker at American Buddhist Seminary's Kathina in Sacramento (open to public)
-> Oct 28 (Mon): Visit to Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery in the Sierra Foothills (private)
-> Oct 29 (Tue): “Translating a 2500 year-old Sacred Text for a Modern Audience” Ho Center for Buddhist Studies at Stanford 6-7:30pm
-> Oct 30 (Wed): Departure to Buddhist Insights Meditation NYC

More info
@ Dhammadharini Monastery

@ Dharma College: dharma-college.com

@Dhammadharini Bhikkhunis' Pindapata (info)

@ American Buddhist Seminary (ABS Temple): abstemple.org

@ Ho Center for Buddhist Studies at Stanford: https://buddhiststudies.stanford.edu/…/bhante-sujato-transl…

❧ Bhikkhunis' Almsrounds in Sebastopol, Santa Rosa and Petaluma

Offer alms food to bhikkhunis, at the Sebastopol Central Park on second and fourth Fridays of each month, and at the Petaluma Farmers Market every Tuesday.  There is an opportunity for Dhamma discussion in the Plaza in Sebastopol after the meal, details here

Ongoing Weekly Programs at Dhammadharini Monastery

at Dhammadharini Monastery in the Sonoma Mountain area of Penngrove. Check our calendar here for all weekly programs or join Dhammadharini's MeetUp group.

Dhamma Sundays (attend all or part)  

 9:30-10:00 |
10:00-10:45 |
10:45-11:00 |
11:00-1:00 |
1:00-2:30 |
 Instruction for beginners to Buddhist meditation
Set-up for potluck meal (welcome to bring a dish to share)
Blessings, meal dana, pot luck and meal clean up
Sutta Study  

Monday — Quiet day for monastics and residents, no formal programs

Tuesday Evenings Meditation & Dhamma Talks

7:00-8:30 pm — "Meditate with a Monk" Guided or silent meditation, & Dhamma reflection followed by Q&A (open group - drop in)

Wednesday through Sunday: Evening Chanting & Meditation

7:00-8:30 pm — Evening puja, sutta chanting and silent meditation (open group - drop in)

❧ Ongoing Evening Meditations & Dhamma Teachings Offered in the Greater Bay Area 

in Fremont, Oakland, San Rafael, and Ukiah: check calendar here to confirm dates

- Monthly on the last Tuesday with "Dhamma Tuesdays" at Wat Buddhanusorn in Fremont 
- Monthly on the third Wednesdays at Yoga Mendocino in Ukiah {info
- Every other month on Wednesday with Stray Cat Dharma Oakland {info}
~ Periodically with Marin Sangha, San Jose Vipassana and others (check calendar here to see schedule)

Marin Sangha

Ayya Tathaloka and Ayya Sobhana are regularly offering Dhamma and meditation teachings at the Marin Sangha,  St Luke Presbyterian Church, 10 Bayview Dr., San Rafael. info

May all benefit greatly in their meditation and growth in mindfulness, insight & wisdom!

 Visit and Offer Helpful Support

Day visitors are welcome at the Monastery. info

Our bhikkhunis will take personal retreat time in turns, at Aranya Bodhi Hermitage.  We extend a special welcome for friends to arrange for "sit and serve" visits, a few days or longer combining work practice with quiet meditation in nature. info

Dhammadharini is now caring for several white-robed Anagarikas. Your mindful participation and friendship can be a help and encouragement for them.

Friends are welcome to visit the monastery and the hermitage individually or in groups, to offer meal dana, meditate, listen to the Dhamma, or help out with practical chores.  Please contact us to plan your visit.

Dhammadharini Monastery 
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Dhammadharini's Awakening Forest Hermitage: Aranya Bodhi
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