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Serving in Support of our Bhikkhuni Sangha and Community

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Greetings, fellow friends and supporters of our Dhammadharini Bhikkhunī Sangha,

We are pleased to announce openings on the Dhammadharini Support Foundation Board of Directors for the positions below.


Dhammadharini Support Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization serving as the not-for-profit steward of our Dhammadharini Bhikkhuni Sangha and the Dhammadharini community.

Board Secretary  

The Board Secretary takes the minutes of all  Board meetings, serves as the custodian of  records, maintains continuity and accessibility of documentation, schedules, notifies of, and distributes materials for meetings. The Secretary may be authorized to sign checks or documents on the organization’s behalf, or may assist in other ad-hoc tasks when specifically requested by other directors.  Position filled, thank you!


Development Committee Chair  

The Development Committee Chair leads the Development Committee, which is responsible for planning and coordinating Dhammadharini Support Foundation’s fundraising activities throughout the year.  Position filled, thank you!


Insurance Specialist  

The Insurance Specialist keeps track of our insurance needs and policies and keeps these up to date.

All Board Members participate in quarterly meetings, serve on a Committee, and help the Support Foundation's fundraising efforts.  This is a wonderful opportunity to support our Bhikkhunis, and grow our Monastery and our Community.  If you would like to offer your time and talents, or you would like to recommend someone for one of these positions, we invite you to contact Board Chair Srisakul (Susie) Kliks at "Dhammadharini Leadership" for more information.

Financial Secretary  

The Financial Secretary is part of the Dhammadharini Financials team with Dhammadharini’s Treasurer, bookkeeper, lay resident stewards who make purchases on behalf of the Support Foundation, and the DD Financials monastic liaison.  The Financial Secretary helps with processing of donations and expenses.  They train and help the lay resident stewards in necessary business activities. Ideally they would visit Dhammadharini Monastery in person, twice a month, to care for the financial paperwork. The Financial Secretary is a member of the Finance Committee of Dhammadharini Support Foundation.

This position is ideal for a San Francisco North Bay resident who enjoys seeing the Bhikkhuni Sangha regularly.  Finance Committee members participate in quarterly meetings.  If you would like to serve in this way, or you would like to recommend someone for this position, kindly contact Board Treasurer Dom McCarty for more information.


Thank you for your continued support and volunteer spirit!
Opportunities with Dhammadharini Support Foundation
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