Visiting Dhammadharini at the Monastery and Hermitage

Dhammadharini Monastery and Aranya Bodhi Hermitage are monastic facilities where we live and practice in community. We welcome visitors up to the capacity of our visitor lodgings.

Visitors will be participating within the general monastic flow of the bhikkhunis' sangha with the monastics, trainees and other visitors.  Visitors are expected to participate in the schedule of duties and practice programs of the monastery or hermitage. Some variations on support tasks and program attendance are possible through discussion with a senior monastic.

Friends and supporters have blessed our monastic community with beautiful facilities for practice as well as the requisite of food.  This leaves a few simple duties shared among residents and residential visitors: preparing food, keeping the spaces clean and maintained, transportation and minor purchases. During the initial period at our new monastery, there will also be projects setting up the space for full residency and use.

Please fill out an application to apply for a visit of up to two weeks for your first visit, or for a longer stay for those who have been with us before.