Celebrate Ayya Tathaloka's 30 years in monastic life

Ayya Tathaloka was ordained as a Bhikkhuni 20 years ago and has been in monastic life for 30 years.  
We now have the opportunity to celebrate these 30 years of Dhamma development together and welcome your participation.

Join in a commitment to practice and dedication of merits

During our July 7th celebration of ten years since the offering of Aranya Bodhi hermitage and 30 years since Ayya Tathaloka Bhikkhuni entered monastic life, those who wish can make a 30-day practice offering and dedication of merits to Ayya Tathaloka's well being.  This is an opportunity to offer your commitment to deepening practice for 30 days and is a gift worthy of one who has given 30 years of commitment to the Holy Life.

Here is how to participate...

1. Decide what practice commitment works for your life and Dhamma practice and commit to it for a consecutive 30 days.