Supporting Our Bhikkhuni Sangha

 Supporting Our Bhikkhuni Sangha in Residence

Support for our bhikkhunis comes from you, dear friends, ​in conjunction​ with ​our​ Dhammadharini support foundation.

In places where the Sangha gathers together, it is an important time of communion and community building and strengthening together. It is a time that provides opportunity for study and practice of Dhamma and Vinaya. 

 For new bhikkhunis and those in training, it is only when a bhikkhuni sangha is gathered together that there is the opportunity to train first hand in all of the rights and responsibilities of full Sangha functions. These practices and this knowledge and fluency is what unites smaller sanghas with the greater international Sangha. 

These strengthen and support the monastic community and Buddhism as a whole, fulfilling the vision of the Buddha for the long term of the Sasana (sharing of the Dhamma) that he set in motion and established. Gathering and practicing together so puts down and deepens roots for Buddhism in America.

It is our honor to be able to take part in this. Traditionally Buddhists have thought it to be a great merit to be able to have the opportunity to offer such support. One of our elder bhikkhu mentors, Bhante Seelawimala, translates "merit" (Pali: puñña, Thai: boon), as "positive energy". The positive energies of generosity and virtue are essential elements in the foundation of the gradual and progressive Path of Practice as taught by the Buddha. Having such a healthy, wholesome and positive foundation allows our practice of meditation and insight base to further stabilize and develop. This allows for liberating breakthroughs of wisdom to happen, rather than the breakdowns that can occur when the human mind/heart opens without the integrity of such a context and network of wholesome and positive energy, that is puñña in the supportive network of sangha.

What can you do?

In past, these are ways that friends have offered support, and that you too can participate in offering support this year:
The original 4 basic monastic requisites are food, clothing, shelter, medicine.

shelter ~

@ Dhammadharini Vihara  

--> join the new vihara/monastery search committee
--> contribute monthly or periodically to vihara rent and utilities  

@ Aranya Bodhi Hermitage

--> contribute to preparing firewood
--> contribute to cost of propane for cooking and heating of places of shelter
--> contribute to yearly access road maintenance and repair cost
--> contribute to hermitage property tax
--> contribute to the $36K cost of hermitage land subdivision (will enable Dhammadharini to take ownership of the land that has been offered)

alms food offering ~ amisa dana

--> (local friends) arrange a date to come to the vihara or hermitage to offer Meal Dana or needed food supplies
--> (at a distance) contribute to or sponsor the groceries for one day's monastic almsmeal dana for the Sangha via Dhammadharini [Support Foundation]​ (contact Lal)​
--> (local) participate as a shopper to get healthy and wholesome foods with the funds offered by the friends directly above and bring them to offer at the hermitage or vihara ​ (contact Sr Niyyanika)​
--> (on site) offer your heart and culinary skills to the sangha by preparing meals with the what shoppers and friends above have offered, for a day or several days, onsite at the vihara or hermitage (contact Sr Niyyanika)​
--> (local: Sonoma County) invite the monastics to come to your area for pindapata ​ (contact hermitage sangha or vihara sangha)​
 -->    invite the monastics to your home for the meal = "house dana"

clothing ~ robes

--> hiking sandals & muck boots (these can be offered in person, or via online order) **please do check in first about what is needed**
--> offering your sewing skills for useful items (monastic rain parkas, jackets, cushion covers or curtains, etc.)
--> participating in the Kathina robe and alms offering at the end of Vassa (contact Friends of Dhammadharini)

medicine ~ health & hygiene

--> offering needed medicines and medical supplies (in person or via web order/posting)
--> contributing to Dhammadharini's Monastic Medical Fund (pays for monastic resident's medical insurance, copays, etc.)
--> offering your professional medical, dental or optical skills
--> offering of an ergo chair cushion set for Ayya Tathaaloka (please consult if you would like to make this offering)
--> offering only Eco-friendly "green" toiletries such as toothpaste, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, biodegradable soap, laundry detergent, dish washing detergent, liquid grapefruit seed extract, mold and mildew control products


--> offering rides for bhikkhunis, samaneris, and Dhamma friends who wish to come to (and from) the hermitage, vihara, Peace Pagoda or teachings
--> contribute funds for monastic Clipper Cards (covers multiple public transportation systems in the Bay Area), 20-ride Sonoma Country transit passes, and Mendocino Transit Authority passes for the last bus to our hermitage
--> contribute to auto insurance, auto registration and maintenance, fuel

supporting our Dhammadharini Support Foundation's unseen expenses outside the four requisites & transportation

--> contribute to liability insurance which protects our volunteers, board members, monastics and heavy properties,
--> contribute to communications: hermitage satellite internet & Skype phone fees,
--> contribute for bank fees, PO boxes and more!
--> contribute (on site) as a resident lay steward for a period from a week up to months, assist with duties such as caring for the forest, driving, meal preparation or financial stewardship, whatever suits your abilities
--> NOTE: Dhammadharini's support for shelter, medicine and transportation mentioned above is often offered from your general undesignated donations

 ​ ​If you would like to offer an endowment for the longterm support of our Bhikkhuni Sangha, please  email our Dhammadharini support foundation board of directors at

If you are interested in offering your skills and volunteering with the Dhammadharini Sangha, please fill out this Google Form

Thank you for all of your support of our Sangha!
Anumodana puñña

With metta,
Friends of Dhammadharini