Useful Things for Dhammadharini Monastery

Thank you for your generous support of the Sangha. Here are some material gifts that would be helpful.

Essential! for basic maintenance of monastery grounds

- Donation or regular loan of a riding mower or 30" self-propelled mower and one or two weed whackers.  To keep up our 1.3 acre yard, needs heavy duty contractor level equipment.  The weed whackers and one of the small mowers that were donated are now disabled, and a reliable shop advises they are not worth the cost of repairing, as they will continue to break down facing the amount of work our land requires.  The monastery now has only one small mower in good working order. 

supplies for new monastery

- ​Outdoor clothesline with setup
- Cork flooring for residential wing room, 350 square feet of flooring.   (example)
- Skylight shades for meditation hall (example
- Room dividers (contact monastery for type needed)
Gift cards for Home Depot, Lowe's, True Value Hardware or other local hardware store
- Color and black ink cartridges for HP WF2540 printer/copier. color and black There are many options that will fit this printer. 
- Butcherblock counter for kitchen, 1.5" x 25" x 8' (example)

monastic requisites

Mach III razor cartridges (refill cartridges) always useful (example
-or- Harry's bargain razor refill online plan (example, order "one day per week or less" "blades only")
- replacement cushions for headsets (three sizes: 55mm and 60mm and 80mm)
- earbud headphones

cleaning & household products 

- Woolite
- filters refill for air purifier (example, note: both filters parts are needed)
- WD-40 (2 or 3 cans)
- four "LR1130" or equivalent button cell batteries (example example)
- four "CR2032" Lithium coin cell batteries (example example)
- four "LR44" or equivalent like "SMC357" button cell  batteries. (example example)


- Samahan Herbal Powder Sachets (example)
- Phytonutrient Complex (example
- L-Theanine (example, other examples)


- 16 ride punch passes for Mendocino Transit - $17 each - these can be purchased at:
     - The MTA office in Ukiah, 241 Plant Road
     - The MTA office in Fort Bragg, 190 E. Spruce Street
     - or by a bus driver


- white or ivory taper candles
-  beeswax  (not paraffin) taper and tea light candles

To contact the monastery: 

Email:, phone: 707-583-9522 or 9523