Gift List

Useful Things for the New Monastery

Dear friends, 

Thank you for your generous support of the Sangha. There are three types of gifts that are most useful for the new monastery:

1. One time contributions or a regular pledge towards monthly lodging expenses (including: mortgage, taxes, utilities, insurance). Make checks out to "Dhammadharini" with "monastery lodgings" in the memo line, or make a designated donation via Network for Good or Paypal online here.

2.  Contributions towards and sponsorship of individual repairs and renovation projects 
     See no's. 2 & 3 of Supporting and Being Part of the Creation of Dhammadharini's New Monastery

3. Purchase or dedicate a gift towards specific needed & useful items 
     See 2 above, and list below:

supplies for new monastery
- ​Outdoor clothesline with setup
Upper 12" cabinet and spice rack insert
​- 10-foot step ladder
- Mouse proof storage containers for food in kitchen cupboards and on counters
- Cork flooring for Tipitaka library + residential wing dorm rooms 2  (example)
​- Dish cart
​- Pedestal sink for one bathroom​
- ​Garden implements (contact monastery for type needed)
- Remote controlled shades for skylights in meditation hall (example
​- Spray nozzles for 4 outdoor hoses​ (example)
- Room dividers (contact monastery for type needed)
- Under kitchen sink water purification system (contact monastery for type needed)
- Gift cards for Home Depot, Lowe's, True Value Hardware or other local hardware store
- Toner Cartridge for HP Laserjet 1022 (example)

monastic requisites
natural eco-friendly shaving cream - several bottles (exampleexample)
several natural unscented deodorants (exampleexampleexample)
Mach III razor cartridges (refill cartridges) always useful (example
-or- Harry's bargain razor refill online plan (example, order "one day per week or less" "blades only")
- replacement cushions for headsets (three sizes: 55mm and 60mm and 80mm)

cleaning & household products 
- Bon Ami cleaning powder or liquid 
- filters refill for air purifier (example, note: both filters parts are needed)

- Samahan Herbal Powder Sachets (example)
- Umka cold care (examples)
- L-Theanine (example, other examples)
- Turmeric/Curcumin capsules

-  beeswax  (not paraffin) taper and tealight candles

To contact the monastery: 
Email:, phone: 707-583-9522