New Dhammadharini Monastery

The Greatest Gift to the Sangha — Offering a Monastery for our Bhikkhunis

The New Dhammadharini Monastery

After 10 years of preparations, Dhammadharini Support Foundation has purchased monastery property for our Bhikkhuni Sangha to put down deep roots in this land.

❧ a space of refuge, sanctuary & practice for those inspired to fully live the monastic path,

❧ where aspirants can explore monastic life, learn, train & ordain,

❧ where lay friends of the Sangha can visit or stay for periods of immersion, sanctuary & service,

❧ accessible for Dhamma teaching & alms round, located at the western foot of Sonoma Mountain midway between the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento & Dhammadharini's forest hermitage on the Sonoma Coast. 

OUR GOAL: As sufficient funds are raised, to transform the property into a true monastery including lodgings, meditation garden area and spaces for gathering.


 financial donations for repairs & renovations, pledges of monthly support. Go to Donations Page. 

How Can I Participate?

Meditation & Dhamma Study

❧ Participate in monthly daylong retreats, Tuesday evening meditation group, and Wednesday afternoon sutta study group ...
 Attend evening puja, devotional chanting, and meditation daily ...
❧ Invite the monastics to speak to your group, school or organization ...
❧ Visit and speak individually with the leading monastics ...

Offerings & Invitations

❧ Offer a meal at the monastery and stay for Dhamma sharing after the meal ...
❧ Meet the monastics at their regular alms round in surrounding communities, and offer food for the day ...
❧ With family & friends, invite the monastics for a meal and Dhamma sharing at your home ...
❧ Offer needed supplies. 


❧ Sign up to offer monastic rides, shop for needed supplies, and many other creative ways you can be of help and support ...
❧ Help with repairing and renovating Dhammadharini's new Monastery
❧ Help with harvesting and caring for the Monastery's fruit trees.
❧ Help with developing the Monastery's 1.3 acre grounds into a meditation garden.


There is space for one or two women to visit Dhammadharini Monastery overnight, or for a few days or longer. To explore the possibilities for a visit, write to, or complete our on-line application.