Useful Things for Hermitage

May you have every good blessing.
                                Updated  20 January 2017
With deep appreciation ... the items here are useful to our Sangha.
  • For the Buddha's shrine
  • taper candles (beeswax or palm -not paraffin- are very helpful!)
  • beeswax tea-light candles
  • For transportation
  • 16 ride punch passes for Mend0cino Transit  - $17 each  - these can be purchased at: 
  • Medicines & personal monastic requisites: 
  • cartridges for Mach 3 razors or 
  • Harry's razor set or subscription (sold here), for much more frugal head shaving
  • 1 to 13 Rescue Remedies for first aid kits (example here)
  • 1 to 13 instant cold packs for first aid kits (example here)
  • cough drops (example)
  • Bonine (example
  • Arnicare (example)
  • For the laundry:
  •  environmentally-friendly and -safe laundry detergent (free-and-clear unscented)
  • Replacement cover for 12'x20' canopy. (Our neighbors request tan, not white!). Plus 25 pack of "bungee balls" (here and here)
  • For the hermitage kitchen:
  • Large bag of sugar (for making kombucha and fruit preserves).
  • Kitchen tall trashbags
  • Spray bottles
  • For the composting toilets: 
  • Compostable trash bags 
  • Round wooden toilet seat (example)
  • For our kutis:
  • beeswax tea-light candles
  • "Hypervent Mattress Pad" 6' x 39" (sold here) This provides ventilation under the sleeping mat, for warmth and mildew resistance.
  • brooms (example)

For Spring retreat

  • Thermos  40 oz
  • Dish washing basins
  • Propane tanks
  • toilet paper
  • Contributions towards fire logs
  • Gift Certificates for True Value Hardware or Ace Hardware (sold here for True Value and here for Ace Hardware)These locally-owned stores in our area carry many useful supplies for hermitage maintenance, repairs and renovations.

*Before donating larger items, please email us to discuss the specifications.

Please Note: Bamboo and soft wood materials mold quickly in this cool and humid environment.